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edit: Got all the mega stones... all I really need now is a legit Arceus. 

I recently finished Pokemon X for the second time and now I have some extras I wish to trade for the Pokemon Y exclusives. So that mean I want to trade a...

Xerneas for Yveltal--Already Traded
Mewtwonite X for Mewtwonite Y--Already Traded
Charizardite X for Charizardite Y--Already Traded
Pinsirite for Heracronite--Already traded
Manectite for Houndoominite--Already traded
Tyranitarite for Aggronite--Already traded

I do have extras of the other megastones in case for some reason you wanted to trade a Y exclusive stone for an extra non-exclusive stone, but since I imagine only people that completed Pokemon Y twice or plan to will be interested, they'll be after the exclusives only.


United States
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NarutoFanleader Mar 9, 2014  Professional Writer
Hey there. I'm NarutoFanLeader. But you probably already knew that since I have some of your pics in my favs. Nice to make your aquantence.
Ok this is a warning to all you lovers of damsels and pranks.  Do not go or find Wing blog.   It dangerous.  You will spend hours and hours there and it will overwhelm you great wonder damsels.  Don't go there unless you want to give up some of you life to it.   Only thing better than his site is this one.  Thank you for everything you been sharing with us.  Thanks.
Well I'm really glad that you liked what you saw :D
Hi, I'm Wanda92 :)
Would you be willing to do a commission, by any chance?
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