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*Sasuke looks over Itachi's body and collapses on his knees*

Sasuke: "I... finally... did it."

*Itachi moves his head to look at Sasuke*

Itachi: "heh... foolish little brother, this was all a genjutsu I cast on you."

*Sasuke looks really angry*
Sasuke: "Damn it Itachi!"
Itachi: "Just... kidding. URK!"

*Itachi is really dead now and Sasuke takes a good long look at the body*
Sasuke: "Okay... now what am I supposed to do?"

*Scene changes to Naruto's team, Naruto has summoned a great deal of clones to rush in on Tobi, and they attack while Kiba and Kakashi talk*
Kiba: "Hmph pretty dumb to just charge him like that, even if they are clones."
Kakashi: "Actually Naruto is using a sound technique, he always used this strategy though he had no idea the full potential of it. The clones are expendable information gatherers. He learns from each clone, the enemy's style of attack after each one is destroyed."

*Tobi defeats the clones one by one, but is clearly annoyed*
Tobi: "Awww this is stupid! I don't wanna fight the same guy all day, especially the one I don't want to kill... so... um I guess I'll use my best move! Hiyahhhh!"

*Suddenly in a flash of speed and light all the clones are defeated. The real Naruto is surprised and shocked.*
Naruto: "K-Kakashi-sensei he used... that..."

*Kakashi looks up and is shocked as well*
Kakashi: "That's..."

*Tobi has a white energy around his hand that looks like the Chidori!*
Tobi: "Impressed? I bet you're pretty impressed!"
Kakashi: "Who... who are you?!"
Tobi: "Hm?"
Kakashi: "I demand you tell me who you are under that mask!"
Tobi: "My mask... you want to see what's under it?"
Kakashi: "Yes!"
Tobi: "Oh, okay, all you had to do was ask..."

*He starts to take off his mask*
Tobi: "What's under my mask..."

*Everyone is intently staring. Tobi pulls off his mask and...*
Tobi: "Ta-Da! Is another mask!"

*They all fall over as Tobi shows that he's only wearing another mask withe the swirl going the opposite way under his normal mask*

*Back in Sasuke's area the white snake nears Sasuke and Itachi and grows back into Orochimaru*

Orochimaru: "Bwahaha! Exactly what I wanted to happen, now you are both helpless to stop me from taking both your bodies, the secrets of the Sharingan are now mine!!! Huh? Oh Crap!"

*He looks up and suddenly an airplane crashes on him!*

Next Chapter: Sasuke Gets a Day Job!
Spoiler warning! This chapter is something else, hm?
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Andrew01px2017 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011
IzzyV Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2008
damn I was hoping for a translation. I have to wait till tomorow... I hate waiting.
Wing-Saber Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2008
Sorry, I guess that is a downside to my fake spoilers. I'm actually making fun of the fake spoilers people put up and say are real.
IzzyV Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2008
meh. I was just being my usual frustrated impacient self.
HyuugasPwn Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008
I get it now, Tobi is Kakashi's twin brother! and coincidentally he took Obito's other sharingan eye!
and Tribladeofchaos, we aren't nerds for remembering a really funny line!
Tribladeofchaos Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008
Oh! That was great. But then again we're nerds for remembering that line, oh well.
animexfanatic Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008
metalzaki Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008  Hobbyist
that was funny about tobi and kakashi.
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